• On 20 September, 2022

Sri Lankan tea and cinnamon promoted at 8th Food & Beverage and Hospitality Fair in Kathmandu

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Kathmandu, the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka (EDB) and the Sri Lanka Tea Board (SLTB) came together to promote Ceylon Tea and cinnamon along with other Sri Lankan food and beverages at the 8th Food & Beverages and Hospitality Exhibition (FBH2022) held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 15-18 September 2022.


The "Sri Lanka Pavilion" showcased different varieties of tea from the seven tea growing regions of Sri Lanka as well as Ceylon cinnamon. Visitors were able to taste and sample the world renowned Sri Lankan black tea, accompanied by the traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeat 'kevum", while a token souvenir tea sachet was gifted courtesy Sri Lanka Tea Board.  Visitors were also able to experience the fragrance and taste of world famous Ceylon cinnamon globally known for its best quality, at the "Sri Lanka Pavilion". A sample of fragrant oil made from cinnamon was also on display attracting the attention of customers in the fast growing industry of essential oils and aromatherapy.


Link Natural Products Pvt  Ltd of Sri Lanka also participated at the event  promoting herbal products including the popular herbal drink 'Samahan". A considerable number of trade inquiries were received from Nepali traders at the "Sri Lanka Pavilion" who will be connected with Sri Lankan counterparts by the Embassy with the assistance of EDB.


Over 100 Nepali and international stake holders in food, beverage and hospitality industry took part in the exhibition which attracted more than 30,000 visitors. FBH2022 was organized by the House of  Rajkarnica, a leading event organiser in Nepal.




Sri Lanka Embassy