• On 21 May, 2019
Embassy of Sri Lanka in Nepal celebrates Vesak
The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Kathmandu celebrated Vesak on Monday, 20th May 2019 at the Embassy premises with the participation of Buddhist monks, Sri Lankan community and members of Buddhist Associations in Nepal.
The programme commenced with the observances of five precepts by Most. Ven.  Dr. Gnapurnika Maha Thero, Sanganayaka of Nepal, followed by Buddha puja by Ven. Thapassidhamma Thero, Chief Incumbent of Charumati Viharaya, Kathmandu.

Dhamma Desanas in Sinhala and Nepali languages were delivered by Ven. Rahula Thero of Banepa temple and Ven. Pagngnarathana Thero of Sumangala Viharaya, Kathmandu and Seth pirith was chanted by the members of Venerable Maha Sanga.

Addressing the gathering, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Nepal Swarna Perera elaborated the importance of Vesak.  Referring to the devastating Easter Sunday bombings in  Sri Lanka, she said that the universal message of peace, compassion and harmony that underlines Buddhism has become the need of the hour today. “The Lord Buddha believed strongly that inner peace within each person was fundamental for harmony in the society and eventually peace.  If people give thought to the teachings of Lord Buddha, peace and prosperity will automatically dawn in such society” she further said.

Both the Embassy and the Official Residence were decorated with Buddhist flags and colourful Vesak lanterns made by the members of the staff of the Embassy.

Dinner was served to the participants at the end of the programme.
Embassy of Sri Lanka
21st May 2019